Adminship Experiments Wiki

A screenshot of the "User rights management" screen.

Say you're the founder of a wiki hosted on Wikia, like User:Naoy5 on this wiki. You eventually will have a small community on your wiki, and you'll know some people you trust on the wiki. Probably, you might want to give some user rights to those people that you trust. This tutorial details how to do just that.


Before you begin, you should know that this procedure will only work if you are a bureaucrat on a wiki.
  1. Login to your wiki.
  2. Access the Admin Dashboard by clicking "Admin" at the bottom of the page.
  3. Select "User Rights".
  4. In the field, enter the username of the user you want to add/remove rights to/from.
  5. Check the rights of the user you want to grant.
  6. After that, input a reason why you want to adjust the user rights and click "Save user groups".
  7. You may want to know that once you have added Bureaucrat rights to a user, you may not remove them.

Thanks for reading this tutorial! If you have feedback, feel free to add a comment at the bottom of this page.