• I live in Ware Shoals SC
  • I was born on April 30
  • My occupation is Fast food cook.
  • I am male
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  • Dudes this is getting old! Johnzilla, what were you thinking? Whay did you block me?

    just when i get out from under the messup from before i get THIS? come on if you need to test stuff on my don't test it on ME!

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  • Hello, welcome and thank you for visiting Adminship Experiments Wiki, Wingman1! Thanks for your edit to the User:Wingman1 page.

    If you haven't yet received administrator privileges, please contact me or another bureaucrat by going to Special:ListUsers/bureaucrat at any time. We'll certainly try to handle your request as soon as possible.

    Contact me at any time, or contact a bureaucrat by going here.

    Have fun,

    -- Naoy5 (Talk) 07:36, July 29, 2012

    P. S. Please reply to me or another bureaucrat about how you came across this wiki.

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    • For adopting that wiki, you could link to this conversation in your adoption request, since you received adminship without wanting it, and this could be proof you didn't intend on receiving adminship. It could help you get your adoption. Oh, and if you need any help from me about your adoption, I could help you. Also, what wiki are you trying to adopt?

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    • it's all good, i just had a harddrive crash yesterday, and lost all my notes my notes. (i am on a phone right now), this might be a blessing in disguise in any case because i have been thinking about founding a wiki. i have not done this before. as for the wiki i wanted to adopit i dont have the link right now but i will send ya the link when i can.

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